University of Arizona

Collection Related to the USS Arizona (Battleship)

Collection Related to the USS Arizona (Battleship)

Photograph of USS Arizona in Wet Dock, Undated

The battleship USS Arizona (BB39) was launched in 1915 and sunk December 7, 1941 at Pearl Harbor. This collection was created from donations from various people involved with the ship during those years.

This collection contains papers, photographs, and memorabilia of the USS Arizona from its christening to destruction, and of the memorial ceremonies held at the University of Arizona Student Union every year. Photographs range from the christening and launching ceremonies to the memorial built at Pearl Harbor in 1962; most depict exteriors and interiors of the battleship. Other materials include copies of the Ship's newspaper, "At 'Em Arizona", menus from holiday dinners, official Navy documents and discharge certificates, and papers related to annual memorials.

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