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Save the Scenic Santa Ritas records

Records of the non-profit working to stop mining in the Santa Rita and Patagonia Mountains including meeting agendas, minutes, press releases, news stories, informational bulletins and event announcements. Save the Scenic Santa Ritas (SSSR) is a non-profit whose volunteers aim to "protect the scenic, aesthetic, recreational, environmental and wildlife values of the Santa Rita Mountains, Patagonia Mountains, Canelo Hills and San Rafael Valley" by educating citizens, outreach programs, and protection of these areas from mining. The group was founded in 1996 in Sonoita, Arizona and was originally called Swapwatch. Later in 1996 the group renamed itself Save the Scenic Santa Ritas. The group began by focusing on stopping ASARCO/Forest Service land exchanges taking place in the Rosemont Valley of the Santa Ritas. ASARCO aimed to open an open pit copper mine in the area that would, according to SSSR and concerned citizens, devastate the area. The land exchange proposal was quashed in 1998. Yet, in 2005, August Resource--a small Canadian mining company--purchased the Rosemont Ranch with aims to establish a large open pit copper mine. SSSR and concerned citizens worried that Augusta Resource would dump waste on the Coronado National Forest lands, which are public lands set aside for preservation and future generations. The group continues to monitor these areas and has goals to assure no mining takes place in the area.