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Conditions of Publication

  1. Permission granted is solely for permission to publish, broadcast, or exhibit images. A separate application and fees are required to create reproductions of materials in Special Collections. See obtaining duplications.
  2. Credit line: *name of collection, box and folder, or other unique identification information], courtesy of University of Arizona Libraries, Special Collections.
  3. For use in printed materials, the publisher agrees to send Special Collections two copies, best edition, of the work at no charge.
  4. Permissions are granted solely for non-exclusive, one-time use per medium. Subsequent uses, such as revised editions, paperback reprints, foreign-language translations, audiovisual adaptations, web-based applications, electronic editions, will require a separate application for permission, which may be granted in return for payment of additional fees.
  5. Permission is granted only for the express purpose described in your request. Items from Special Collections may not be copied, scanned, exhibited, resold, or used for any other purposed than that is specified.
  6. Unless approved in advance by the University, each image must be used unaltered and in its entirety. Resizing the image is permissible.
  7. Images posted on the internet will have maximum resolution of 72 dpi and be no larger than 600x400 pixels in dimension. The University reserves the right to remove its images from any website. Proper credits must be placed adjacent to the image.
  8. Special Collections does not claim to control all rights for all materials in its collection. These rights include, but are not limited to: copyright, privacy rights, and cultural protection rights. The publishing party assumes all responsibility for clearing rights. The University of Arizona does not make any representations or warranties regarding the copyright status of any items in Special Collections. The applicant is solely responsible for complying with U.S. copyright law (title 17, U.S.C.) in publishing, broadcasting, or exhibiting images of materials from Special Collections. In all instances, the applicant agrees to defend, indemnify and hold the State of Arizona, the Arizona Board of Regents, the University of Arizona and their employees and agents harmless against any and all claims arising or resulting from the use of reproductions.
  9. Privacy: An individual depicted in a reproduction has privacy rights as outlined in Title 45 CFR § 46 (Protection of Human Subjects). The repository reserves the right to require a release from individuals whose privacy may be violated by the production of this image. The repository extends the rights of privacy to include ceremonial objects and rites of Native Americans and requires the permission of the tribe's cultural office before releasing reproductions. Owner of Original: In instances where Special Collections materials is itself a reproduction, the written permission of the owner of the original is required.
  10. Copies may not be deposited in another library, archive, or repository without the permission of Special Collections.
  11. Applicant agrees that any Promotional Use will be made solely in a manner which indicated that the image is part of the content of the product, and that the Library’s name will not be used as an aesthetic or design elements in such Promotion Use. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, applicant shall not use the image of Library’s name in any manner which creates any association between the image and/or the Library and applicant to such an extent that any goodwill toward the Product or applicant arises in the image and/or Library’s name, and applicant agrees that it will not have right, under any circumstances whatsoever, to claim, and will not claim, that such goodwill has arisen or the applicant is entitled to benefits, if any, thereof.
  12. Cancellation for conflict of interest: The parties agree that this contract may be canceled for conflict of interest in accordance with A.R.S. § 38-511.
  13. Contract claims and controversies: All contract claims and controversies arising under this contract shall be resolved pursuant to Arizona Board of Regents procurement procedures, § 3- 809, in particular § 3-809(c).