University of Arizona

An Introduction to Emilio Gil and his Work

Opening Reception

Emilio Gil, Artistic Director of Tau Diseño one of one of Spain’s pioneering and most distinguished graphic  design firms will be in on campus to present the American opening of his collection of collages, “Mapas que no lo son/Imaginary Cartographies.” This collection of 51 original works was first exhibited in the Quintanar Palace Cultural Center in Segovia Spain in May 2013. “Mapas” opens up a new direction in the career of a distinguished design professional. It challenges the relationships between art and design in a way that fuses the disciplines. The results are exciting new cultural creations based on a fascinating compilation of colors, techniques, textures and artistic conceptions many of which use elements of cartography in their construction.

Mr. Gil’s work will be on display through August 1, 2014. The exhibition opening event will take place February 24th at 1:00 p.m. and will be followed by a reception. Mr. Gil’s work will be presented by Professor Malcolm Alan Compitello, Head of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese which is sponsoring Mr. Gil’s visit and will be followed by remarks on the collages by Mr. Gil.

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