University of Arizona

Reconstructing the Past

Original Research Symposium and Fundraiser

Open reception and panel presentations by graduate students who have conducted original research.  Help The History Graduate Association (HGA) at the University of Arizona build closer ties to our community and fund groundbreaking research by up-and-coming scholars.


10:00AM The Work of Historian: Finding Labor, Gender and Culture in the Records

Chair: Dr. Susan Crane

Presenters: Matthew J. Furlong, Kristen Rachel Coen, Kelley Merriam Castro, Mary Pierce

11:30AM Gender, Empire, and Islamic Feminism in Egypt

Chair: Dr. Linda Darling

Presenters: Lucia Carminati, Tatiana Rabinovich, Karen Kahn, Britain Eakin

1:00PM Health, Hospitals, and Healing in Colonial Mexico, 1500-1800

Chair: Dr. Jadwiga Pieper-Mooney

Presenters: E.A. Polanco, Joshua Salyers, Pete Soland

2:30PM Hail the Conquering Hero? Complexities of Empire through the Ages

Chair: Dr. Minayo Nasiali

Presenters: Matthew Coleman, Rex du Roulhac, Patrick Hanley, Teresa Shami

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