University of Arizona

Travelin' West

The Lure of Arizona's Territory

“Travelin’ West: The Lure of Arizona’s Territory,” recounts the development of Arizona’s tourist economy beginning in Territorial days leading up to 1912 statehood and continuing through today.

For thousands of years people have been drawn to Arizona for its rich mineral resources, natural wonders like the Grand Canyon, good soil, and hospitable winter climate. More recently, adventurous travelers have flocked to Arizona to experience its Old West past as well as its centuries of Native American history.

Today, tourism is one of Arizona’s top industries. “Travelin’ West: The Lure of Arizona’ Territory” recreates the development of the state’s tourist economy through a selection of items including travel brochures, early transportation photographs, maps, personal accounts, and dude ranch advertising. All items on display were selected from Special Collections’ expansive materials of Arizona and borderlands of the Southwest.