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Seeking Feedback on Redesigned Website

Seeking Feedback on Redesigned Website

We are pleased to announce that we launched our new Special Collections website on February 4th, 2013. This redesign has not only improved the visual and navigation elements of the website, but has enhanced the functionality greatly. Notice the following:

  • We used responsive design, so that the website can be viewed from any sized screen, including tablets and smart phones. You will experience the full functionality of our website no matter what device you use.
  • Nearly 1,000 collections now have records on the website, making it much easier to discover our collections. 
  • You can browse by broad subject area (such as History of Science or Performing Arts) or use our website search to begin exploring. Notice our website search has options to limit your search by collection area, subject, and more.
  • Collection records can be a starting point for further research - they will not only link you to a detailed collection guide (if there is one), but they will also link to related exhibits and events, related online exhibits, and even related collections.

We are very excited about the new website, and are seeking feedback from users of the website as we work to make continued improvements. If you have suggestions or feedback related to the new website, please send them to Rebecca Blakiston, Website Product Manager for the University of Arizona Libraries.