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You can help preserve the history of Tucson and the Southwest in many different ways, including sponsoring name plates, monetary donations, and donations of material that fits with the scope of Special Collections.

We care for and utilize the unique items our donors entrust to us. If you have material you would like us to consider adding to our collection, contact us.

For inquiries related to monetary giving, contact the Development Office.

Funding Priorities

We have opportunities for giving that have been identified as priorities Special Collections

Up with People Archive
Up with People is a global youth performance and cultural exchange group. It provides young adults an international and intercultural experience that teaches service leadership and uses the performing arts to deliver messages of hope and goodwill throughout the world. Headquartered in Denver since 1993, Up with People began in Tucson in 1965 under the leadership and vision of J. Blanton Belk.

Endowed Chair for Special Collections, Archivist for Up with People
An endowment to preserve this important piece of contemporary culture would bring the full history of the Up with People cross-cultural experience forward to each generation.  An endowment devoted to the Up with People Archive will support the work of a dedicated archivist. Such a treasure of a collection, located in the place where the movement started and on a major, Research One public university campus, would attract a talented and creative individual to both preserve and promote this history to students, scholars, and the public.


We have a number of eminent endowments established by individuals with exceptional vision. Browse all endowment opportunities or select one of the highlighted endowments below.

Ann-Eve and Emery Johnson Library Endowment
Acquires special books in the Fine Arts and Humanities with a heavy emphasis on art books with beautiful reproductions (this emphasis is perpetuated by family). Purchases are as requested by staff of Special Collections, college of Fine Arts or University of Arizona Museum of Art

Jacquie and Jim McNulty Endowment
Supports and enhances Special Collections especially to care for and manage photos, manuscripts, and archives

Fay and Lawrence Clark Powell Endowment for Southwest Research
Supports purchasing southwest research materials

Drs. John P. and Helen S. Schaefer Endowment
Supports the acquisitions of materials (e.g., photographs, books and archives) for all the Library's special collections

Polly Hamilton Special Collections Endowment
Acquires unique materials for Special Collections

Bertie Berry and Virginia Hayden Women of Mystery Collection and Archive Endowment
To purchase women mystery writers' books and archival materials

Ruth Goodhue Chasteney Memorial Endowment
Supports the acquisitions of materials and books of English and American Literature

Della Cole Distler Memorial Endowment
Supports the acquisitions of materials in Humanities

Henry F. Dobyns Applied Anthropology Endowment
For the purchase, processing, digitization, and preservation of Applied Cultural Anthropology collections

Guadalupe Southwest Hispanic Endowment
Supports acquisitions in Southwest Hispanic Culture

W. David Laird and Helen Ingram Library Endowment
Purchases and strengthens library materials in Southwest desert ecology and environment

Edith Goodhue Reiber-Magnuson Memorial Endowment
Supports acquisitions in English and American Literature

Nancy D. Solomon Artists' Books Endowment
Purchases artists' books for Special Collections

Ken Wolfgang and Kendra Gaines Library Endowment
Provides research fellowships for graduate students (using Special Collections) engaged in moving image studies

Vaudeville Fund
Supports Special Collections in the acquisition of Vaudeville materials