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  1. All Hail Arizona : Music by Dorothy Heighton Monro; Words by Elbert Clark (Ted) Monro

    Holograph (original) in ink of vocal score. Included materials: Manuscript Subject Area: Performing Arts Collection Area: University of Arizona 1926 Number: AZ 075 ...

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  2. Records of the Office of the President

    This collection contains correspondence and financial papers relating to the administration and management of the university. Correspondents include faculty, parents, and others. Included materials: Manuscript Subject Area: Business Collection Area: Unive ...

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  3. Mothers' and Dads' Day Register

    Mothers' and Dads' Day not held 1942 to 1944. No list available for 1958. Included materials: Manuscript Collection Area: University of Arizona 1942 to 1944 Number: AZ 078 ...

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  4. George W.P. Hunt and the Constitution of Arizona

    George W.P. Hunt was an Arizona politician and served President of the Arizona Constitutional Convention in 1910. He was Governor of Arizona in 1912-1919, 1923- 1929, and 1931-1933. This collections consists of a typescript, by Estelle Lutrell and documen ...

    castanoe - 2013-03-07 12:58

  5. Cartoons Published in the Arizona Daily Star

    This collection consists of a scrapbook of newspaper clippings of Ellinwood's cartoons, chiefly political and cowboy cartoons, published in the Arizona Daily Star from July 9, 1957 to Oct. 21, 1961. Also included are related newspaper clippings about ...

    castanoe - 2013-03-07 13:03

  6. History of the Discovery of Tombstone, Arizona, as Told by Edward Lawrence Schieffelin

    Edward Schieffelin, 1847-1897, was a prospector and discovered the silver mines of the San Pedro Valley, which led to the establishment of Tombstone, Ariz. A version edited by Ben Traywick, was published by Red Marie's, 1988.Typescript, accompanied b ...

    castanoe - 2013-03-07 13:06

  7. Papers of Louis Rosenbaum

    Louis Rosenbaum was a merchant from New Mexico. This collection cosists of letters and power of attorney, from Las Cruces, N.M., Sept. 6, 1877. Letter to John B. Morrill requesting he act as Rosenbaum's agent at the San Carlos Indian Reservation, Ari ...

    castanoe - 2013-03-07 13:13

  8. Papers of Joseph Thomas McKinney

    Joseph Thomas McKinney was a pioneer and law enforcement officer in the Arizona territory. He was born June 20th 1858 in Arkansas. He arrived in Arizona around 1885 and worked for the Wabash Cattle Company above St. Johns in Apache County for about a year ...

    castanoe - 2013-03-07 13:17

  9. Documents and Letters Relating to the Company's Sale of Bonds

    Letters, receipts, and legal documents relating to the sale of bonds of the Nogales Gas Company. Included materials: Manuscript Subject Area: Business Collection Area: Borderlands 1909 to 1911 Number: AZ 088 ...

    castanoe - 2013-03-07 13:22

  10. Papers of John J. Wingar

    John J. Wingar, 1833-1907, was a Methodist clergyman and Arizona pioneer. Wingar moved to Prescott in 1877, and later lived in Florence, Pinal, Globe, and Tempe. He was active in establishing a school at the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation. The colle ...

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