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  1. Yaqui River Dams Canals View of the Conant canal, front side

    1908 Compania Constructora Richardson, S.A. Box number: Box 1 Folder number: Folder 4 Type of material: Photographs Collection: Records of the Compania Constructora Richardson, S.A. ...

    hawesr - 2013-02-08 14:06

  2. Morris K. Udall in Alaska

    Box number: Box 738 Folder number: Folder 1 Type of material: Photographs Collection: Papers of Morris K. Udall ...

    castanoe - 2013-02-20 09:32

  3. University of Arizona Biographical File

    Contains photographs and printed materials of numerous UA faculty and staff, dating from 1867 to present. Individual files vary in content and size, containing biographical sketches, resumes, clippings and photographs. Since the photographs are interspers ...

    castanoe - 2013-02-20 13:09

  4. Up with People, Great Wall of China

    1978 Box number: Box 47 Folder number: Folder 21 Type of material: Photographs Collection: Up with People ...

    blakisto - 2013-02-21 13:39

  5. History of the Discovery of Tombstone, Arizona, as Told by Edward Lawrence Schieffelin

    Edward Schieffelin, 1847-1897, was a prospector and discovered the silver mines of the San Pedro Valley, which led to the establishment of Tombstone, Ariz. A version edited by Ben Traywick, was published by Red Marie's, 1988.Typescript, accompanied b ...

    castanoe - 2013-03-07 13:06

  6. The Story of Patchy

    Typescript of unpublished manuscript, with photographs, concerning the story of Apache May, a young Apache girl found in May, 1896, by Cochise County cattleman and former sheriff, John Slaughter, in an abandoned Apache camp. She lived with the Slaughters ...

    castanoe - 2013-03-07 15:05

  7. The Peralta Grant; James Addison Reavis and the Barony of Arizona

    Typescript original drafts and revisions with holograph corrections; accompanied by correspondence, notes, photographs, contemporary newspaper accounts, and extensive related research material used in the book, including many notes by Rosemary Taylor. Pho ...

    castanoe - 2013-03-07 15:31

  8. The Speaking of Henry Fountain Ashurst

    Typescript thesis concerning Senator Ashurst provides biographical information and studies speeches, their occasions and audiences. Includes four photographs of Ashurst. Included materials: Photographs Manuscript Collection Area: Political Affairs 1952 Nu ...

    castanoe - 2013-03-07 17:15

  9. Papers of Valentin Felix

    Valentin Felix was a merchant inTucson, Arizona and owner of the Roof Garden Grocery and Meat Market, later the Roof Garden Fish Company. Collection contains correspondence, financial accounts and bills, insurance papers, and other materials chiefly conce ...

    castanoe - 2013-03-07 17:26

  10. Dr. Edwin Carpenter showing University of Arizona students a telescope at Steward Observatory

    1957 03 17th Merrille Sutton Box number: Box 46 Folder number: Folder 8 Type of material: Photographs Collection: Papers of Andrew Ellicott Douglass ...

    castanoe - 2013-03-14 14:40