University of Arizona

Special Collections is closed due to COVID-19, public safety, and social distancing. Read our update.

Class Instruction

If you are teaching a course that involves historical research, we would love to work with you. We especially encourage capstone courses, gateway courses in the major, and graduate courses.

We can work with you and your students in studying themes such as University of Arizona history, history of the book, literature, borderlands, book arts, the colonial period, and pulp fiction.

We can help your students:

  • become familiar with Special Collections
  • view and use primary source materials
  • learn how to handle rare materials
  • get excited about hands-on research using original materials
  • reduce their anxiety about incorporating original primary sources in their research

We can do this by presenting to your class or co-presenting with you in our large conference room.

You may use the following form or contact us at to discuss your class during the development of your syllabus. Contacting us early in your planning gives us enough time to prepare and ensures a more engaging experience for your students.