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A two-page manuscript, dated July 21, 1823, the Act of Mexican Congress orders the political and ecclesiastical reorganization of the Provincias Internas de Occidente. Sonora and Sinaloa remain divided; the old Spanish province of Nueva Vizcaya will form two new districts, Durango and Chihuahua. The Bishop of Durango is to appoint vicars for Santa Fe, El Paso del Norte, and Chihuahua. New Mexico receives an abatement for seven years of taxes on all products made in the state, as an encouragement to its industry. This decree was a significant step toward the formation of the states of Coahuila and Texas in 1824. The Mexican Congress endeavored to restore order after the fall of Augustin de Iturbide's empire, March 19, 1823; this manuscript is one of the resulting decrees. A summary in English is filed with this document.

A summary in English is filed with this document.