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Aphold Family Papers

St. Mary's Hospital Bill, January 28, 1916

The Apholds were an Arizona pioneer family and miners that resided in Tucson. Adelaide A. Aphold and Henry Louis Aphold, brother and sister, inherited many of the family gold, silver and lead ore mines. Their father, Henry Louis Aphold, Sr., was a salesman and politician in Brownsville, Texas. After her husband was shot and killed in Texas, Mrs. Louisa M. Aphold moved to Tucson. In 1883, Louisa M. Aphold married a Tucson pioneer surgeon, Dr. Narciso Herra Matas. Henry L. Aphold, Jr. married Kathryn Overholszer and served as Coconino County assessor and treasurer. Rudolph followed in his father's profession, becoming a world famous physician and surgeon, receiving many honors and awards.

The Aphold-Matas family was influential in the social, political and economic culture of Arizona. Dr. and Mrs. Matas had an active interest and role in the mining business. Henry L. Aphold, Jr. developed and worked several of the famous mines along with his sister Addie, until he died in 1948.

This collection contains various financial statements, legal documents, mining claims and newspaper clippings from the family's life in Arizona.