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Arizona Health Sciences Center Office of Public Affairs records

Proof for publication, Arizona Health Sciences Center Office of Public Affairs

The University of Arizona Health Sciences Office of Public Affairs (UAHS OPA) provides media and community relations support—as well as strategic and crisis communications— for the UAHS, a network of health-related organizations and activities unique in the state and region. OPA personnel are actively engaged in increasing awareness of UAHS and the vital roles it plays in research, education and health care for Arizona and the nation; such as with print and broadcast feature stories, provide crisis and strategic communications support, produce publications for internal and external audiences, develop video communications, further outreach activities and maintain community connections through websites and new media.

The collection consists mostly of photographs of UAHS OPA, along with other materials related to UAHS. Subjects and topics include: founders, construction, faculty and students, outreach and public relations, community events and services, and the January 8th, 2011 tragedy. Additionally, there are publicity materials including pamphlets, publications (namely Health Horizons and Biomedical Communications), information packets, newspaper clippings and press releases. Project files include correspondence, reports, publication mock-ups, and digital media on DVDs and CDs.

Formerly collection numbers HT0011, HT0028 and HT0050.