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Autobiography of John Charles Van Dyke

Chapter XIX, The Desert, 1929

John Charles Van Dyke (1856-1932) was an American author and educator. He was a professor of history of art at Rutgers University.

This collection includes a photocopy of an unpublished, holographic manuscript; the preface dates from October 1929. This autobiography begins with Van Dyke's early impressions of Lincoln in 1861 and covers his worldwide travels and experiences, many of which were already related in his published books. Also present is a 1975 seminar paper, "Van Dyke's Autobiography," by Robert P. Mitchell. It discusses this manuscript, and provides a typed transcription of the Preface, Chapter 1: Lincoln in 1861, Chapter 2: The Family, Chapter 19: The Desert, Chapter 20: Mexico, and Chapter 28: Mountain, Desert, and the Grand Canyon.