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Bill Hoy Oral History Project Collection

This collection consists of four audio recordings. Recordings are of interviews conducted by Bill Hoy for a book authored by Bill Hoy and edited by Bill Broyles. Interviews discuss recollections of Sonoyta, Camino del Diablo, Organ Pipe National Monument and Santo Domingo.

Four recordings of interviews conducted by Bill Hoy of the National Park Service and Organ Pipe National Monument with three local men.

Reel 1: Mr. Arturo Quiroz and his reminiscences of people and experiences in Sonoyta and Santo Domingo (Mexico), and Camino del Muerto. Reel 2: Mr. Arturo Quiroz reminisces about Sonoyta, Mexico. Reel 3: Jim McGrady recollects his experiences and memories of people and places from the Organ Pipe area and Ajo. Reel 4: Robert Binnion reminisces about people and places in the Organ Pipe area.