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C. David Bertelsen papers

Pages from Bertelsen's publication, "A Heaven in a Wild Flower," color images include a rock formation and a red squirrel perched on a tree trunk.

C. David Bertelsen is an adjunct associate research scientist at the University of Arizona in the School of Natural Resources and Environment. Bertelsen's research focuses on phenology, ecology, and climate change. The following collection focuses on flora and fauna research in the Finger Rock Canyon/Mt. Kimball region. These studies record flowering plant taxa in a five-mile canyon route (to the summit of Mt. Kimball) in the Santa Catalina Mountains. Bertelsen's notes describe the area, its six vegetative associations, elevations, phenological data, etc.

The flora mentioned in these field notes includes approximately 615 specific and infraspecific taxa in 363 genera and 84 families. Uniquely, the Santa Catalina Mountain area of these studies contains nearly 45% of the known flora in the range. In addition, several series of slides are included in the collection, which represent materials used in various lectures conducted by Bertelsen.

This collection includes data gathering and field research notes, notebooks, and descriptions of flora and fauna in Finger Rock Canyon/Mt. Kimball region, as collected by Bertelsen. In addition to field materials, the collection also includes published papers and a series of color slides used in various presentations.