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Cartas de los padres José Tardá, Tomás de Guadalajara y Visitador Bernabé Francisco Gutiérrez al Padre Francisco Ximenez Provinicial de la Compañia de Jesus de la Provincia de la Nueva España

Jesuit Padre Tomás de Guadalajara is credited with founding a string of missions in northern Mexico called the Tarahumara Alta. Collection includes transcribed, typescript letters, in Spanish with English translation, describe missionary activities at various Jesuit missions and visitas throughout the Tarahumara Alta. Includes Pagigóchic, Guerucarichie, Temaychic, Mátaichique, Yepómera, Cárichic, Paguibeta, Tarurrachicqui, Tehachic, Teholocachic, Temósaochic, Cuaiquiena, and Tutuaca. Includes three letters to the Provincial Francisco Ximenez: from José Tardá and Tomás de Guadalajara, February 2, 1676; from Visitador Bernabé Francisco Gutiérrez, April 28, 1676; from Tomás de Guadalajara, July 20, 1677.