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Channing S. Smith papers

A selection of linoleum blocks from the Channing S. Smith papers, depicting a woman milking a cow, two people in a field, and a cityscape.

Channing S. Smith (1906-1984) was born in St. Louis, Missouri. He studied art at the Corcoran School in Washington, D.C. and the St. Louis School of Fine Arts. He traveled to Paris to undertake private study and earned a degree in drama from the University of Arizona in 1954. He designed stage sets for theater productions, painted local landscapes, and became known for creating woodcut prints. He taught at Kent School in Connecticut and was a member of the Connecticut Academy of Fine Art and the Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild. He died in Tucson, Arizona in 1984.

The collection consists of 11 signed and/or numbered linocut prints by Channing Smith, the King's Grant graphic novel, 50 loose linocut prints on paper, 23 pencil studies on paper, and 9 blank but titled pages. It also consists of 6 Arizona scene linoleum blocks, 6 Boy and Girl graphic novel linoleum blocks, 7 Russian Book linoleum blocks, and 22 King's Grant graphic novel linoleum blocks.