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Church Women United in Tucson

Church Women United began on a national level in 1941 with the mission to promote world peace and justice through community service projects including the organization of programs, events, and annual celebrations. Since then the organization has expanded to include more than 1,200 local and state branches. Church Women United in Tucson (CWUT), created in the late 1940s, supports the national organization's mission and goals through its work with the Tucson community.

The CWUT organizes three annual celebration days for the Tucson area, which are also celebrated on both a national and international level: the World Day of Prayer in March, May Friendship Day in May, and World Community Day in November. Various community service programs including: Migrant Ministry, Farm Labor and Indian Ministry, Marana Health Clinic, Families for International Friendship (FFIF), Tucson Ecumenical Council, Women in Community Service/ Job Corps, Habitat for Humanity, Armory Park Low Income Housing, Tucson Centers for Women and Children, Youth on their Own and the Healthy Arizona Initiative have been created, initialized, or first brought to Tucson by the CWUT.

Papers (1963-2003). This collection contains the Administrative Files and Publications of the Church Women United in Tucson organization (CWUT). The CWUT is a local branch of the national Church Women United organization; it is a non-denominational organization which began in the late 1940s dedicated to promoting world peace and justice through community service such as social services programs and annual celebrations. Materials include Administrative Documents: annual reports/meetings, the award certificate for Church Women United Day, bylaws, logo clip sheets, member directories, and a training manual; Publications: member obituaries, the CWTU newsletter, news clippings, press releases, and programs; and Photographs: a 1984 special meeting in Phoenix. Of special interest is the award certificate presented to the organization from the city of Tucson in honor of Church Women United Day in 1991. All materials are in English.