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The Clarion Records

Clarion Promotional Poster, undated

The Clarion newspaper began in 1976 as a newsletter for the Tucson Women’s Commission in Tucson, AZ. The Tucson Women’s Commission is a city agency dedicated to the elimination of sexual discrimination and the achievement equality of opportunity for women. In 1981, The Clarion was incorporated as a non-profit organization with the support of Tucson’s mayor and council and then became an independent, community-based newspaper by the following year. The Clarion focused on and promoted a clearer understanding of issues and events affecting women’s health, employment, children, politics, arts, and interpersonal relationships. In 2013, the Tucson Women’s Commission initiated a newsletter named Clarion Redux.

The Clarion Records includes financial papers, administrative papers, and issues from The Clarion. Items in the collection tax documents, newspaper clippings, newspaper issues, staff files, and subscription information.