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Cochise County Agricultural Extension glass plates collection

This collection consists of glass plate negatives created by/for the Cochise County Agricultural Extension. Cochise County includes Bisbee, Sierra Vista, Douglas, Benson, Willcox, Tombstone, and several other southeastern Arizona cities. The county seat is located in Bisbee. The most populous city in the county is Sierra Vista. The head of the 4-H Agricultural Center is located in Douglas. The Agricultural Extension offers programs like 4-H, Water Wise, Master Gardner, Health Zone and SNAP-Ed, Noxious Weeds program, Rangeland Management, and also offers Livestock services. The photographs included in this collection were taken by/for the Cochise County Agricultural Extension. Several were likely used in community presentations.

A majority of the plates include no identifying information and are labeled 'untitled'. All plates that had identifying information had this information noted in the finding aid. Some plates show signs of cracking or other damage, which has been noted on an individual basis.

Photograph topics include: sheep shearing, horse clipping, cow clipping, flood/water dam damage, peach trees, soils, apple trees, tomato plants and planting, tomato cultures and transplanting, crop diseases and damage, prairie dogs as crop devestators, harvester ants, pests, and other relevant topics pertaining to animal husbandry, range management, and planting in Arizona.