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The Desert Laboratory of the Carnegie Institution of Washington: History and Achievements

Photograph of Main Laboratory at the Carnegie Desert Botanical Laboratory, circa 1912

William Grovenor McGinnies was an arid lands ecologist and educator, serving as University of Arizona Assistant Professor from 1927-1929, Associate Professor from 1930-1932, Acting Head of the Botany Department from 1932-1935, Director of Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research from 1960-1964, Director of Office of Arid Land Studies and Professor of Dendrochronology from 1965-1969, Research ecologist Office of Arid Land Studies from 1969-1974. The collection contains an original typescript of Mcginnies’ work originally published in 1981 as Discovering the Desert: Legacy of the Carnegie Desert Botanical Laboratory by the University of Arizona Press, Tucson, along with figures and photographs.