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Dr. Cullen's Practice of Physics, October 30, 1771

Scottish physician and professor of medicine and chemistry at the universities in Glasgow and Edinburgh; regarded as the father of graphic chain formulas.

One volume of handwritten lecture notes dated Oct. 30, 1771, addressed to medical students: the introductory sentence reads, "Gentlemen, I come here to deliver a course of Lectures on the Practice of Physic upon that part of our studies for which all the others are intended . . ." The entire text is written in one clear hand. The basic framework is a description of each disease and its symptoms, apparently a recounting of Cullen's earlier published work on the subject, Methodical Nosology, 1769. Following each description is a discussion of the medical treatment for that disease. Interspersed throughout are observations of specific patients, reports and opinions of colleagues, and Cullen's conclusions regarding etiology.