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Drachman-Taylor Family Papers

Rosemary Drachman with American war correspondent Floyd Gibbons in Morocco covering the Riff War, 1925


Rosemary (Drachman) Winchcombe-Taylor graduated from Stanford University with a Bachelor of Arts in 1922. She traveled with Floyd Gibbons, an American war correspondent, to Morocco and covered the Riff War. Ms. Winchcombe-Taylor wrote throughout her childhood and college, but she began publishing while covering the war. In the 1930s she returned to Tucson, AZ and married author John Winchcombe-Taylor in 1934.

John Winchcombe-Taylorenlisted in the British military in 1914 and retired as a captain in 1919. In 1924 he returned to the United States. He wrote adventure stories for various magazines in the 1920s and 1930s as well as acted under the stage name Jamison Reilly with his brother.

In 1939 at the start of World War II, Mr. Winchcombe-Taylor joined the Canadian military and served as a training officer before retiring with the rank of Major in 1943. During this time, Ms. Winchcombe-Taylor began work on her first novel, Chicken Every Sunday, which became a bestseller and was later adapted for both the stage and film. After the War, the couple returned to Tucson and continued their literary career with Rosemary Winchcombe-Taylor publishing eight novels and a number of short stories and articles. John Winchcombe-Taylor published a historical novel, Ram, and a number of articles, short stories and plays including several based on Ms. Winchcombe-Taylor's books. He also helped organize Vanguard (1944-1948), an association which promoted the interests of Americans who served with British forces in World War I and World War II. Ms. Winchcombe-Taylor wrote under the names of Rosemary Drachman, Rosemary Drake and for her novels, Rosemary Taylor. Mr. Winchcombe-Taylor wrote under the names J. Winchcombe-Taylor and Winchcombe Taylor and acted under the name Jamison Reilly.

Papers, 1875-1996 (bulk 1920-1975). This collection consists of the papers of authors John and Rosemary (Drachman) Winchcombe-Taylor. The bulk of the papers contains personal and professional correspondence, published and unpublished manuscripts, short stories, plays, articles, speeches, and adaptations of their writings. The collection also includes photographs and scrapbooks relating to their personal lives and literary careers. A small amount of material within the collection is related to additional members of the Drachman family, primarily biographical material, correspondence, photographs and scrapbooks. Manuscripts titles often appear in other forms of writing as Rosemary Winchcombe-Taylor's writings were adapted for the stage, film, radio and serials.