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Elizabeth Gunn papers

Color photograph of author Elizabeth Gunn. She is smiling and wears a blue winter coat and black mittens. Behind her is a Jeep and snow covered mountains.

Elizabeth Gunn was born in Chatfield, Minnesota in 1927. On a trip in Yellowstone National Park she met her husband Phil Gunn, they would get married and go through college together. After college they ran a motel in Montana for over twenty-five years. During this time, Elizabeth earned her pilot's license and with her husband took trips across the country. After selling their motel, they traveled full time and Elizabeth began to write travel articles for different newspapers. After their travels they settled down in Tucson, AZ and Elizabeth started her career as a mystery author. She wrote eighteen novels, seven set in Tucson, ten in Minnesota and one in Montana.

The Elizabeth Gunn papers include the author's work as a mystery author and travel writer. Items include personal material, including calendars and log books for boating, diving, and flying. Published and unpublished writing including manuscripts and articles; correspondence and thank you letters; photographs most taken by Phil Gunn; printed materials including book covers, magazines, and news clippings; audiovisual materials including audiotapes, videocassette tapes, DVDs, and hard drives; born-digital materials including websites and ebooks; objects including hats, medals, promotional items, a police badge and promotional items.