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Fratris Basilij Monarchi Benedicter Ordenns Handtgriffe von Bereitung seiner Vor

The alchemist Basilius Valentinus, also known as Basil Valentine, was reputed to be a German Benedictine monk, and a prior at St. Peter's in Erfurt in 1414. However, works attributed to him are generally considered to be 17th century forgeries; an individual suggested as the true author is Johannes Thölde of Frankenhausen, Thuringia, the first "editor" of the writings of Valentinus. The works were translated, hand-copied, and published in different languages throughout the 17th and 18th centuries.

Undated, bound compilation of copied writings on alchemy and antimony; the entries are in a number of different hands. The title page has references to two of Valentinus' published books: Triumph-Wagen Antimonii, or Triumphant Chariot of Antimony, originally published in German in 1604, and Latin in 1646; Zwölff Schlüssel, or Twelve Keys, was printed in German in 1599, and Latin in 1618.