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History of Mining in Arizona

Chapter 1 of "The History of Mining in Arizona"

James Brand (J.B) Tenney, (1884-1959) was an assistant geologist for the Arizona Bureau of Mines. This collection is a contains a typescript of Arizona mining history, chiefly covers the period from 1849 to 1930. Edited and prepared from Mr. Tenney's original manuscript by the Special Collections Division, University of Arizona Library, 1959 to 1960.

Volume 1 provides a general history of mining in Arizona from 1521 to 1929; a detailed history of Bisbee, Jerome, Globe-Miami, Clifton-Morenci, Ray-Christmas, Ajo, Superior, and Tombstone; and a general history of the smaller camps grouped by county; and background information concerning mines and mining companies.

Volume 2 contains charts of production statistics showing copper, lead, silver, and gold prices and amounts produced for each district, 1875-1929; These statistics were also recorded for some mines, including Silver King Mine and Ray Mine; and for some companies, including Detroit Copper Company, Arizona Copper Company, and United Verde Copper Company.