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Hugh H. Smith, M.D., Collection

Books from the University of Arizona Health Sciences Library Collection

medical books were given to the University of Arizona Library in 1958 by Hugh H. Smith, M.D., Research Professor of Microbiology and Medical Technology. The collection was transferred to the College of Medicine Library in the summer of 1969. The works date from the 17th to the 20th century and include such classics as a 1625 Celsus De re medica, a 1627 Hippocrates Aphorismi, a 1695 Sydenham Praxis medica experimentalis, and a 1765 Fracastoro Della sifilide. Eighteenth and 19th century works are rich in representation of medical progress in Scotland, England, and America. Twentieth century works show Dr. Smith's continuing interest in both history and public health, and include such items as Welch's Papers and addresses (1920), Blogg's Bibliography of Osler's writings (1921), and Viswanathan's The conquest of malaria in India (1958).