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Informe sobre el estado de las Provincias Internas a Virrey Fray Don Antonio Bucareli y Ursúa de Don Hugo O'Conor, Real presidio de San Fernando del Carrizal, 30 de Enero de 1776, 1772-1779.

Hugo Oconór [or O'Conor] (1732-1779) was a military governor of Northern Mexico. In 1771, he became commander of the Chihuahua frontier, then appointed commandant inspector of presidios under the office of Coronel in 1773. Oconór was the founding father of the city of Tucson, AZ due to authorizing the construction of a military fort in that location in 1775. He also went to war against the Apache in 1775 and 1776 and was known to them as "The Red Captain" due to the color of his hair and formidable military leadership. In 1777, he requested to be transferred to the Yucatan Peninsula, whereupon he was promoted to brigadier general and appointed governor until his death.

The collection contains a holograph report concerning the presidios along Mexico's northern border and Oconor's years spent as Commandant-Inspector. Includes partial typescript translation and maps by Paul M. Roca.