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Instruction reservada del Rno. De N.E.: que el Exmo. Sor Conde de Revillagigedo dio a su subceso el Exmo. Sor Marques de Branciforto

Juan Vicente Güémez Pacheco de Padilla Horcasitas y Aguayo was the 2nd Count de Revillagigedo, and a Spanish military officer and 52nd viceroy of New Spain from October 17, 1789 to July 11, 1794.

The collection comprises a manuscript of secret instructions from the Viceroy Count de Revillagigedo to his successor D. Rafael Bachiller y Mena, the Marquis of Branciforte, written by a secretarial hand in Mexico. The manuscript concerns events that occurred during Revillagigedo's term of office, what he had done, and what remained to be done. There are 1,422 entries and an index at the end. Dated June 30, 1794 and bound in calf with marble boards.