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Invoices of the United States Army, Quartermaster Corps.

The invoices related to the materials in the collection were used in the construction of one of the early forts on the Gila River. There are two holograph duplicate invoices for building materials and tools sent for the construction of "the Fort on the River Gila." The invoices were signed and dated by Bvt. Lt. Col. S. McRee, Quartermaster, U.S. Army, St. Louis, MO on May 12 and June 7, 1849. The invoice dated June 7 consists of one leaf; the invoice dated May 12, consists of three pages. The lists include weights and quantities for diverse items such as quarry picks, wheel segments, paint brushes, cooking stoves, door locks, glue and glue pots, grind stones, linseed oil, plows, window glass, plugs of feathers, and white lead. Items were sent to an unnamed "Acting Quartermaster," and items not received were so noted.