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Jacob C. Solovay Papers

Jacob C. Solovay Holiday Card, 1960

This collection mainly consists of Jacob C. Solovay’s poetry and manuscripts. There is not much information on Solovay’s personal life in this collection. The poetry series consists of two parts, unpublished and published poetry. The unpublished poetry is divided into light and serious volumes. The light unpublished poetry consists of a solitary volume and folder containing his wife’s favorite unpublished works. The unpublished serious poetry is divided into two volumes, A-M and N-Z. The published poetry is self-bound and loose-leaf with a listing of corresponding publications. The second series of the collection also includes two unpublished manuscripts written in mixed points of view. One manuscript is titled, Peppy, the Story of a House Finch which includes the point of view of a house finch and that of Mr. Jess. The second manuscript is titled, Mama is a Hummingbird, which is told from the point of view a black chin hummingbird and that of Mr. Jess, a shared character in both manuscripts. The third series is correspondence which contains Christmas cards imprinted with his poetry. There are also letters regarding Mr. Solovay’s poetry and donations to the Wilmot Branch of the Pima County Public Library.