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Jacome’s Department Store Records

Storefront of Jacome's Department Store, undated

Jacome's Department Store began in 1896 as La Bonanza General Store. Company founder Carlos C. Jacome initially partnered with Loreto Carrillo and opened a store located at 84 West Congress Street, Tucson, AZ. Jacome then partnered with Genaro S. Manzo in 1902. During their business partnership, Jacome and Manzo were involved with the Alianza Hispano-Americana, a fraternal benefit society for Mexican-Americans. The partnership between Jacome and Manzo was dissolved in 1913 and the store remained within the Jacome family until 1980. Jacome was the only person of Mexican descent selected for Arizona's constitutional convention in 1910. The store's name was changed from La Bonanza to Jacome's Department Store c. 1921. Carlos's son, Alex G. Jacome, was named vice-president of the company in 1928. The company's board of directors installed Alex as president upon the death of Carlos in 1932. Over the years, Alex served on several boards of directors. He also was a member of the Arizona Board of Regents from 1952 to 1961. Alex became chairman of the board of Jacome's in 1972 and his son, Alex F. Jacome, was named president of the company. Alex G. Jacome died in 1980. Jacome's Department Store closed in April of 1980 and its assets were divided among the stockholders.

Collection consists of the records of Jacome's Department Store from 1896 to 1980. The collection contains the papers of company founder Carlos C. Jacome and the papers of his son, Alex G. Jacome. A portion of Alex G. Jacome's papers includes personal correspondence with notable politicians including Senators Barry Goldwater and Dennis DeConcini, and Congressmen Morris and Stewart Udall. The collection also includes material relating to company history, including photocopies of news clippings (of note, there is a brief 1950 Time magazine article detailing the building of the new Stone and Pennington store in Tucson); business correspondence; and accounting and finance records. The accounting and finance records--mainly in the form of business ledgers from 1903 to 1973--make up the bulk of the collection. Additionally, the collection includes material related to the Hispanic fraternal benefit society Alianza Hispano-Americana; photographs, including images of Jacome family members, La Bonanza General Store (interior and exterior), and Jacome's Department Store (interior and exterior); real estate documents (legal documents, plans, and blueprints); and scrapbooks (the scrapbooks mainly contain photographs, news clippings, and store advertisements). Several items in the collection are in Spanish--these items consist mostly of correspondence or news clippings.