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John Francis Holme Collection

John Francis (Frank) Holme was a newspaper artist and the founder of the School of Illustration in Chicago, IL and the Bandar Log Press (1895-1904), which expanded successively to Asheville, NC and Phoenix, AZ.

This collection includes over 750 of Holme's original drawings and etchings, 142 reproductions, 134 original drawings by students and associates, and all nine Bandar Log Press books; as well as correspondence, photographs, news clippings, and articles relating to the School of Illustration and the Bandar Log Press. In addition to Holme, authors of the Bandar Log Press books are Charles Dryden, William Robinson, Kirke La Shelle, and George Ade. Holme's drawings are illustrations for news stories, including coverage of the 1897 Luetgert trial and the 1893 World Columbian Exposition; drawings of people, theatrical performances, "life and times" scenes of the 1890s; political events and politicians, including coverage of the 1896 Democratic presidential convention, and political cartoons.

Student and staff work from the School of Illustration includes one or two drawings each from various artists such as W.W. Denslow, John T. McCutcheon, Cyrus Leroy Baldridge, Wilfred B. Shaw, and Joseph C. Leydendecker. Photographs are of Holme, his family, and friends. News clippings and articles are either examples of Holme's work or about him. Also included are two signed Maxfield Parrish illustrations, one signed Bertha Jacques etching, and one W. Nicholson print of Queen Victoria.