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Letter Book of J. H. Stout

Letter to Dr. H. Bendell

J.H. Stout was a U.S. Special Indian Agent for the U.S. Indian Agency at the Gila River Indian Reservation. The collection contains a holograph, carbon letter book covering the period of December 1, 1871 to March 21, 1875.

Letters are from Stout to his superiors and benefactors back east, describing the needs and conditions of the people and the reservation school; issues of annuity goods are discussed several times. Major addressees are Vincent Colyer, Secretary of the Board, Indian Commission, Rev. J.M. Ferris, and Mrs. J.W. Martin. The collection also includes a summary and notes by Ray Brandes from 1959, a four-page letter addressed to Dr. H. Bendell, and a transcript made by Paul G. Weimann.