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Letter Books of Theodore Bryant Comstock

Page 169 from Theodore Bryant Comstock Letter Book, December 16, 1899

Theodore B. Comstock, 1849-1915, was a professional geologist, mining engineer and consultant. He was an assistant state geologist of Texas, Head of The University of Arizona School of Mines, and first president of The University of Arizona, 1894-1895.

Holograph letters to R. J. Ferguson and F. T. Blandy, local superintendents, mostly about operations of the Elkhart Mine, Chloride, Mohave County, Arizona, to the British Syndicate owners of the mine. Includes letters of chief clerk M. P. Dodge. Also includes letters about Prescott Development Syndicate, the Security Mining and Development Syndicate, the Mineral Hill Copper Syndicate (mainly pp. 401-451) and other mine enterprises mostly in Arizona.