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Letters of Eugene Semmes Ives

Letter to Malloy from Eugene Ives

Eugene Semmes Ives (1859-1917) was an Arizona attorney. Ives was originally from New York, and studied law and politics at Columbia Law School. In 1895, Ives and his family moved to Arizona Territory where he partnered with Marcus A. Smith and established his law practice in both Yuma and Tucson.

The collection contains typescript and holograph carbons of letter books. The letters were written by Ives in his legal practice concerning mining and railroad companies and investment management. Vols. 14 and 21 (April 1907- Oct. 1908) include letters by Samuel V. McClure, while employed in Ives' office. Each volume contains a name index to addressees. Major correspondents include Randolph Epes, Frank Hereford, William C. Greene, Albert Steinfeld, Marcus A. Smith, and Mulford Winsor.