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Loujon Press collection

Photograph of Charles Bukowski, 1962

After working as free-lance editors in New York City, Jon and Gypsy Lou Webb moved to New Orleans. There they produced an avant-garde poetry and prose magazine, The Outsider (1961-), for American "underground" writers. Pouring all their money and energy into their letterpress Loujon Press, they designed and produced several limited editions of works by Charles Bukowski and Henry Miller from 1963 until 1966. In 1965, the Webbs moved to Santa Fe, El Paso, and settled for a while at 1009 E. Elm in Tucson. They later moved the press to 1202 Fourth S.W. in Albuquerque. Jon Webb died in Nashville on June 9, 1971. His obituaries are cited in AB Bookman's Weekly, August 2, 1971.

This collection provides insights chiefly into writer Charles Bukowski's daily life in Los Angeles, California from late 1962 to summer 1965. The correspondence, over two hundred letters from him to Webb, are filled with prime Bukowski narration of hard drinking, bad luck at the horse races, neurotic neighbors, demanding landlords, reflections on writing and other poets, his daytime jobs, his enthusiasm for the efforts of Jon and "Gypsy" Louise Webb and their Loujon Press, and a myriad of other topics. Some letters are written or appended with notes from Frances Bukowski about the current state of things in their lives as they lived on North Mariposa Avenue and later De Longpre. By 1964, Bukowski begins to draw, paste, and color the marginalia of the letters and envelopes.

The photographs in the collection contain ten of Bukowski, one of his dog, three of the Webbs in their apartment/studio at 1109 Royal, New Orleans, and three of the Tucson residence at 1009 E. Elm as it appeared in 1997.

The manuscript files relating to the two books contain handwritten and typewritten poems by Bukowski (some with corrections), production materials, galleys, dummies, tearsheets from other poetry books of his poems, and related materials, such as biographical and exhibition materials relating to Noel Rockmore who created etchings for Crucifix in a Deathhand.