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Maurice G. Fulton Papers

Maurice G. Fulton was a Southwestern historian and professor of English and history at the New Mexico Military Institute for three decades. 

The collection comprises historical materials on New Mexico, written or collected by Maurice Garland Fulton. Items include typescript drafts of books, correspondence, nineteenth century newspapers, newspaper articles, maps, audio-visual materials, diaries, poems, biographical sketches, legal documents, pamphlets, and photographs. Some material is original, while some is photomechanically reproduced. Fulton's research documented the lives of men such as the Santa Fe trader Josiah Gregg; Southern poet Irwin Russell; cattle baron John S. Chisum, English entrepreneur John H. Tunstall, New Mexico Governor and author Lew Wallace, and outlaw Billy the Kid. As part of his studies on the settlement of the Pecos River Valley, and also the Lincoln County War, Fulton compiled information on many of the local families. Photographs depict named and anonymous individuals; groups such as cowboys; gravestones; and different localities throughout New Mexico, particularly Lincoln and Roswell.

Includes annotated copy of Mary L. Moore's M.A. thesis inventory on the collection, which contains background information on Fulton, a bibliography, and detailed item descriptions.