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Minutes of Meetings of the Student Body Organization

Page from the Minutes of Meetings of the Student Body Organization, September 9, 1919

The Students Association was created in 1904, changing its name to the Student Body Organization in 1914. The Athletic Association, which began in 1899, was also absorbed by the Student Body Organization in 1914. Eventually, the organization became the Associated Students of the University of Arizona in 1931.

The materials included are a holograph with typescript letters, notes, and petitions, as well as six volumes of meeting minutes.The contents specification: v.1: Athletic Association of The University of Arizona (1904-1913); v.2: Student Body Organization (1915-1918), Treasurer's accounts (1913-1914), and House of Representatives voting record (1914-1917); v.3: Student Body Organization (1921-1925), House of Representatives (1921-1923); v.4: House of Representatives (1923-1926); v.5: Student Body Organization (1925-1936); v.6: Student Council (1923-1936).