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Newsletter Inago Issues

Newsletter Inago began in 1979 as a workshop supplement, edited and produced by Delford "Del" Reitz in Tucson, Arizona. It was a monthly poetry newsletter with a simple format, ran on low production costs, and provided a platform of exposure for poets. Newsletter volumes in this collection are of letter size and span on average 5 total pages per monthly issue. Each issue begins with a brief author biography or introductory remarks. Individual poems run for less than 50 lines and author submissions are of between 10 to 15 poems each per issue. The issue header contains editor/publisher name, volume and issue numbers, month and year of publication, International Standard Serial Number (ISSN), an address to contact, as well as the title with the official grasshopper iconographic symbol. Included indexes are on 4.5 inch by 3 inch index cards, containing the header information and number of pages, and are arranged by chronological order or author name.