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Photocopy of typescript translation. The one volume contains a census of people, as well as an inventory of goods for some of the missions. The provinces of Baja California, Sonora, Tarahumara, Nayarit, and the former Chinipas are represented; missions of southern Arizona are included within the Sonoran province. The census is by families, widows and widowers, doctriners, the number of people confessing, and the number of people taking communion. Field properties include numbers of cattle, horses, mules, burros, lambs, and goats. Incidental notes include debts, if any; geographical location; remarks on the quality of the mission's church and priest's house; names of the priests; and local language spoken. Another report includes the numbers of people Lizasoaín confirmed in each province from April 18, 1761 to January 29, 1763. The last section is a daily log that lists the missions he visited from April 4, 1761 to February 23, 1763.