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Papers of Edward J. Pettid

Father Edward J. Pettid, S.J., was born in Phoenix, Arizona, in November, 1914. He attended Catholic schools in Phoenix before being ordained in the Jesuit order in 1947. After serving as an army chaplain for three years, he taught high schools in Arizona and California for approximately twenty years.

This collection includes an unpublished manuscript, other published articles written or edited by E.J. Pettid, research materials and photographs. His main research topic concerned the Oatman family massacre that took place near Yuma, Arizona, in February, 1851, and subsequent events involving the captivity of Mary Ann and Olive Oatman. The manuscript draft, The Oatman Story (ca. 205 pp.), is a photocopy, and includes handwritten notes and editing by Pettid. It was probably written in the 1960s. The location of the original is unknown.

There are seven other articles by him written chiefly about the Oatman tragedy or related persons and events. These articles were written in the late 1960s, and include "Oatman Story: A Frontier Tragedy," "Oatman Letters Returned to El Monte," "Henry Stewart Hewitt, MD."

"The Shaman's Tale of Mohave Creation," and "John Lawrence Le Conte, MD". Research materials ranging from 1849 to 1951 include copies of letters, legal documents, an article and a few of his notes. Among the photographic materials are a few originals, copy prints, and some negatives. There are portraits and snapshots of various Oatman family, members including Olive and her husband, John Fairchild; of E.J Pettid; and of three unidentified men.