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Papers of Edward Twitchell Hall

Photographs of Unidentified Man, undated

Edward Twitchell Hall was an anthropologist, educator, author and consultant.

The collection contains Hall's correspondence, field notes, research, writings, and typescripts beginning with his college studies at the University of Arizona and continuing up to 1979. Correspondents include Marshall McLuhan, Ralph Linton, Margaret Mead, Erich Fromm, Robert Sommers, and Humphrey Osmund. Along with Erich Fromm's correspondence is a handwritten essay by Fromm entitled "Age of Anxiety."

Hall's studies of dendrochronology and early Southwestern pottery include school papers, field notes, charts, photographs of pottery sherds, and typescripts of two field reports. One is "The Dating of Awatovi," from the Peabody Museum Awatovi Expedition of 1937 to 1939; the other is "Early Stockaded Settlements in the Governador, New Mexico," from the Columbia University Governador Expedition, 1941.

Reports, logs, notebooks, maps, charts, and snapshots of people and landscapes document Hall's work, "Economy of the Truk Islands," in 1946. Hall's research in intercultural communication and proxemics is included, as well as papers by others. Most of Hall's writings concern the relationship between culture and communication. Also included are articles, essays, and lectures; as well as typescripts and multiple published copies of his books: The Silent Language, The Hidden Dimension, Handbook for Proxemic Research, The Fourth Dimension in Architecture and Beyond Culture.