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Papers of Fay Jackson Smith

Portrait of Fay Jackson Smith, 1993

Fay Jackson Smith co-authored the book Father Kino in Arizona (Arizona Historical Foundation, 1966) with John Kessell and Frances J. Fox. She also wrote Captain of the Phantom Presidio: A History of the Presidio of Fronteras, Sonora, New Spain, 1686-1735, including the inspection by Brigadier Pedro de Rivera, 1726 (Arthur H. Clark, 1993) . Smith has spent many years working with the Spanish documents dealing with the Spanish Borderlands, including the translation of archaic Spanish manuscripts.

This collection contains research notes and a manuscript for Father Kino in Arizona. The research notes include 3x5 cards, as well as notes written in Spanish. Additionally this collection contains materials regarding Smith's Captain of the Phantom Presido. This includes correspondence about the book, photographs of Smith, illustrations used for the book, photographs and maps not used in the book, a manuscript, and final author pages for this book. This collection also includes computer disks of these manuscripts.