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Records of the Twin Buttes Mining and Smelting Company

Meal Ticket for John Latz, Employee at Twin Buttes Mining and Smelting Company, April, 1910

The Twin Buttes Mining and Smelting Company was a mining operation in the Twin Buttes area of Pima County, AZ that was subsequently leased or owned by Bush-Baxter, Glance Mining Company, Midland Copper Company, San Xavier Extension Copper Company. In addition to its mines the company operated a boarding house, store, and railroad.

 The collection includes correspondence, minutes of meetings, tax forms, ledgers, day books, bills, financial records, labor reports, time cards, payroll records, and maps from the daily operations of the mines, railroad and store. Also present are newspaper clippings about Twin Buttes, AZ and photographs of the 1926, 1928, and 1938 school classes.