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Records of the United States Wartime Civil Control Administration

In 1942, to carry out Executive Order No. 9066, Lt. Gen. John L. DeWitt was designated military commander for the western half of the United States. He created the Wartime Civil Control Administration; its mission was to evacuate and relocate people of Japanese ancestry. DeWitt placed the Administration under the immediate direction of Col. Karl R. Bendetsen, in San Francisco.

One portfolio of miscellaneous reports, procedural manuals, memoranda, forms, orders, official announcements, and newspaper clippings concerning the evacuation and relocation of Japanese Americans. Most items are from the San Francisco office of the Wartime Civil Control Administration; one report is addressed specifically to Col. Bendetson. Most of the material is dated 1942, although a 1940 alien registration form is also enclosed. A bibliography on the Japanese in America is present, compiled by an unnamed Senior Archivist, War Relocation Authority, Washington, D.C.