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Rosenda Gomez De Gomez Lamadrid Collection


Rosenda Gomez De Gomez Lamadrid was the daughter of Jesus S. Palomares Campoy and Plutarco Gomez Lamadrid. She married Homobono Gomez Lamadrid and had three children: Julia Gomez Lamadrid, Luz Gomez Bley, and Pascual Gomez Lamadrid. The Gomez Lamadrdid family has a long history in Sonora, Mexico as entrepreneurs. With the help of genealogical charts, they can be traced back almost three centuries to the Santiago Palomares family which is one of the first families known for their political, social and economic leadership in the state.

This collection contains two series of hand written documents that were written between the early 19th Century and 20th Century in Sonora, Mexico. During this time, a small group of merchants, miners, and landowners greatly influenced society and dominated the economy. The Gomez Lamadrid family was considered one of the wealthiest in Alamos, Sonora. This collection includes the correspondence and financial records of the Gomez Lamadrid family. Other families mentioned include: Bours, Salazar, Echequres, Obregon, Goldschmidt, Palomares, Salido, Aranda, Melchers Successors, Raulio Aldama, Felix, Gaxiola, Diaz, Zuniga, Velderrain, Ruiz, and Lugo.