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Spanish Poems, Ballads and Proverbs

Poem, undated

Approximately 385 handwritten leaves of poems, ballads and proverbs from Spain, which were collected by Antonio Machado y Alvarez, in the late nineteenth century. The largest grouping is Poesia popular, coplas, refranes; his titles on the other sections are Buenaven[turas?], Miscelaneas, Oldivnan[za?], Supersticione[s], Coplas, Tradiciones, Romances popular[es], and Juegos infantiles. They may have been materials for the 11-volume work he edited, Biblioteca de las Tradiciones Populares Españoles. Also included is a printed four-page leaflet entitled, "Exposición," 1885, discussing the Professor Machado y Alvarez, his work, folklore societies in Spain, and the importance of folklore in general.